Welcome to the E-Book Revolution!

There is no use kicking and screaming like a 2 year old in a marathon tantrum, the e-book revolution is here to stay, for better or worse. 

My name is Emily Craven, and I'm an author just like you. It's my aim to make this one of the best sites for writing, publishing, marketing and new publishing ideas.

While every author’s ultimate dream is to sniff the glue binding of the crisp pages of their first masterpiece, the reality is that most of us will never write a book that exactly fits a publisher’s idea of a mainstream, marketable novel. But in today's new digital publishing world, it doesn't matter.

The 5 Simple Secrets To Ebook Success

e-book-revolution-by-emily-cravenE-Book Revolution

The Ultimate Guide To E-Book Success

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I have had a lot of successes but also made  too many mistakes for comfort, so in this site I want to save you the time, money and stress. Think of me as your crash test dummy! Not only will I be sharing my journey but I will be seeking fantastic new people to interview, and better ways to connect readers to authors.


 Even if you're set on getting your work published by a traditional publisher, the strategies in this blog are just as relevant  to your success. Whether you write novels, short stories, poetry or zines, if you are serious about writing and making money with your writing then this is a site you need to bookmark.

In the short video above I give you a little introduction to myself and the great free resources available on this site to  help you get started and super charge your digital publishing rocket.

On this site you will find:

  • Blog posts on writing, publishing and book promotion. You can subscribe now by email or RSS feed on the left hand column of this page to get the latest blog updates.
  • Free Resources Pages To Get You Started: The hardest part of any new website is knowing where to begin. You can get started immediately by checking out the resource pages here: Marketing, Publishing, Writing.
  • Free 5 Secrets Video & How To Write A Killer Blurb Workbook: You can download these free resources by signing up here. The 1hr 5 Secrets To E-book Success video puts the e-book revolution in perspective, taking you through the main aspects of writing, and marketing your e-book. If your book isn’t selling as well as you hoped, then you’ll want to take a look at the Write A Killer Blurb Workbook, where I take you step by step through how to create an irresistible blurb.
  • The Podcast! Audio Interviews with authors and publishing/marketing experts. Find interviews of interest to you here.
  • If you need more help… Sometimes we just want a simple package that doesn’t require trawling through archives or the internet. On the Books & Courses pages you will find audio interviews, transcripts and e-books to help you with all aspects of writing, publishing and marketing.
  • I do provide 1:1 consulting if you want information tailored to your book and writing style.  Please just contact me on ebookrevolution (at) yahoo (dot) com.

Feel free to email me with any questions at ebookrevolution (at) yahoo (dot) com or leave a comment on the site.

Happy learning!