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Pay With A Tweet: Why Give Your E-Book Away For Free?

Free can be a very tricky thing. One cannot deny that free is fabulous for the receiver, they have no risk. It’s like Christmas without having to give thought to what you should give back, or being invited to have tea with the Queen without having to perform a single act of bravery or without aging to the point of spontaneous decomposition. For an indie author, giving away your work for free is about the only way you can guarantee […]

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The Pyjama Money Bender

There are a lot of things you can do in your pyjamas. Sleep… write, read, make dinner, eat dinner, have a party with a bunch of eight year olds, take out the garbage, go to the local store for a snack, impersonate John Lennon, sleep… It had never occurred to me that you could sell things in your pyjamas (other than more pyjamas) let alone books. Ten years ago connecting with someone on the other side of the world, in […]

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Social Glue: An Unusual Publishing Perspective

When I ask the question, “What is publishing?” many people reply with the same three answers. 1) Publishing is the act of taking a well edited story and printing it to paper for people to read. 2) Publishing provides carefully crafted novels for the reader’s enjoyment. 3) Publishing is a vehicle for countless rejection letters and grey hairs. All these descriptions are soulless (and more than a little bitter…). Publishing has been streamlined in the past several decades making it […]

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