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E-book Revolution Podcast Episode 1: Getting Your Hands Dirty With Transmedia and Print Books

Welcome to E-Book Revolution Podcast’s first episode! This Podcast is all about helping writers on their e-book/publishing journey. If there is something you would like to see discussed on the podcast drop me (Emily) a line at ebookrevolution (at) yahoo (dot) com. To subscribe to the podcast check out the podcast website: http://ebookrevolution.podbean.com/

PipeBooks aren’t only going through a revolution in their digital form but their print form too (Albeit at the pace of a snail, riding another snail, riding a tortoise). I have been advocating for over twelve months that the print book is a fantastic place to explore a multimedia experience, yet only a daring few are moving into the print/transmedia realm. In fact, as far as I’m aware, only one print book has taken that step into interactivity using my favourite free technology, the QR code, and that book is Awake by Joel N. Clark.

Joel Nykyforchyn-Clark is the co-founder and Creative Director of Switchvert, a production and ideas house co-located in Washington, DC and Johannesburg, South Africa.  As a writer-filmmaker, Clark’s love for story and adventure shine through the diversity of products he and his team have created, ranging from short films/features, sitcoms, commercials and justice-oriented documentaries filmed just about anywhere you can imagine. Joel’s first book, Awake, is a transmedia extravaganza, combining memoir writing with QR codes linked to films showing extra footage and interviews that allow you to meet the characters mentioned in Joel’s stories and see the places he has visited in his crazy, adventure filled life as a film/documentary maker and story teller.


In this podcast we discuss:

  • Why Joel decided to go the transmedia route with his first published book.
  • What triggered the idea of using QR codes in a print book and how they have revolutionised the story, enhancing it in a way that has excited readers.
  • How he used his transmedia idea to land him a traditional publishing deal. Twice.
  • How Joel dealt with the legalities of using his old documentary footage for the book.
  • Why too much transmedia can be a bad thing.
  • The trick to have agents salivating at representing your book.
  • Three things an author can do to get a transmedia project off the ground
  • And the best way to get started in adding an extra element to your story.


Hope you enjoy the show! And remember, I love hearing from listeners and readers so please drop me a line at

emily (at) ebookrevolution (dot) com (dot) au


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