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E-book Revolution Episode 4: Crowd funding For Writers 101 with Alain Guillemain

customer-delightWhat if I told you, you could get paid for writing, or to make your first print run? Especially if you are an already established author? If you are willing to do the work, then perhaps crowd funding is for you. Crowd funding allows artists to raise funds for their project, by asking everyday people to pledge money toward their project. It’s not like traditional fundraising where you wear a Santa suit, put out a bucket to collect change and you hand it into the organisation (or I suppose yourself in this case). Crowd funding sets a goal and time limit, if you don’t get enough people to pledge in the allotted time, everyone keeps their money, and the project goes back to square one. If the artist makes the funding goal, only then will the project go ahead, and then everyone who pledged gets some sort of reward for their wonderful help.

Crowd funding is what first time author Alain Guillemain used to edit, print, and launch his book Customer Delight (See his crowd funding project here).Yes you heard me right, Alain is a first time author, not an established author, and in 40 days he raised $7600. I was so intrigued I interviewed him about how he did it.

AlainGuillemainIn this podcast we discuss:

  • What crowd funding is and how it works
  • Alain’s proposal concept and how he made it appealing to pledge
  • How to create relevant and enticing rewards for project participants
  • How he promoted the project and in what time frame
  • The three things you need to start your own crowd funding project
  • The best way to get started
  • The amount of experience a non-fiction author needs in comparison to a fiction author
  • The plan of attack now that the money has been funded
  • The elements an author need to consider when costing the project

Customer Delight is available at http://customerdelight.com.au


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