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E-Book Revolution Podcast Episode 6: How To Become An Author-Entrepreneur With Joanna Penn

The days of a pasty author hunched over their manuscript in the garret have flown passed us in a whirlwind leaving more than one confused writer in the Land of Oz. No longer can authors let the publishing machine do all that pesky promotion work for them, heck authors can’t even throw their self-published works up on Amazon and expect to be ‘discovered’ anymore. Yet there are more people now then any time in history that claim being a writer […]

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E-Book Revolution Mini-Podcast: Chat With World Fantasy Convention Author Mindy Klasky

  Over the next month the E-Book Revolution Podcast is going to diverge into the realms of fantasy authors and writing. For those listeners who are unaware I am a fantasy author and early this year I was awarded a grant by the South Australian Government to attend the World Fantasy convention. The final two mini-podcasts are with authors from that convention. Each mini-podcast has myself and a prominent fantasy author aiming to answer ten questions in twenty minutes covering […]

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E-Book Revolution Podcast Episode 5 – Learning How To Crowdfund It! With Anna Maguire

Ok, it may be pretty clear to some of you now that I’m a little bit obsessed with crowdfunding. There are some fantastic projects getting off the ground (including my project ‘Images of Joy‘ that would not have been possible without the crowd funding platform Pozible) now that the gatekeepers of the arts world are no longer the only funding bodies. In the last podcast I talked with author Alain Guillimaine about his personal crowd funding journey. So it was […]

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