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E-Book Revolution Podcast Episode 5 – Learning How To Crowdfund It! With Anna Maguire

Ok, it may be pretty clear to some of you now that I’m a little bit obsessed with crowdfunding. There are some fantastic projects getting off the ground (including my project ‘Images of Joy‘ that would not have been possible without the crowd funding platform Pozible) now that the gatekeepers of the arts world are no longer the only funding bodies. In the last podcast I talked with author Alain Guillimaine about his personal crowd funding journey. So it was only natural that in this podcast I have gone to a crowd funding and digital content expert, Anna Maguire, who has been in the publishing industry for almost twenty years. In this podcast we talk about management of and author’s digital content as well as the crowdfunding phenomena.

Anna Maguire is a Sydney-based consultant and blogger specialising in digital training and strategy. She advises on digital publishing and crowdfunding through her consultancy Digireado. Anna has worked in book publishing and digital content for 25 years. She is a former head of production and interactive at Random House Australia and is a passionate advocate for digital developments in the book industry and the emerging Australian ebook and app market. She is a graduate of the Yale Publishing Course and has appeared at the Sydney Writers’ Festival and Ubud Writers and Readers Festival. Anna regularly conducts training for editing and publishing students at Macleay College and has presented to Master of Publishing students at Sydney University. She has also trained authors in their digital publishing options for over two years.

In September 2012 Anna published her first ebook with digital-first publishing start-up Editia Books. Crowdfund it! is the first Australian book about the $1.5 billion crowdfunding phenomenon. Anna blogs on the Digireado website, www.digireado.com.au, and at www.crowdfundit.com.au. She is also on Twitter (@digireado and @crowdfunditnow) and Facebook (facebook.com/digireado).

In this podcast we discuss:

  • The 1.5 Billion dollar crowdfunding phenomena
  • How crowdfunding works and why it works for writers
  • How this digital evangelist went from producing book content, to website content, to phone content, to working for Random House.
  • What a digital content strategy is and why it’s important for authors to think about
  • The benefits of having your own ISBN
  • How Facebook generates 8x more funding then any other network
  • The best way to convince people to fund you
  • How to manage your crowd funding project in three steps
  • How to put together enticing rewards
  • How small UK press Unbound uses crowdfunding to determine which books get published
  • Issues of Tax when crowdfunding
  • How to keep interest in your project consistent over three months
  • How often to post project updates on Facebook in comparison to Twitter
  • Crowdfund It!’s publisher Editia and how they specialise in long form journalism and short form non-fiction.
  • And examples of successful projects and why they were successful.

Crowdfund it! is available from the Editia website http://editia.com/books/crowdfund-it/


Hope you enjoy the show! And remember, I love hearing from Listeners and readers so please drop me a line at

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