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E-Book Revolution Podcast Episode 7: A Conversation with Reviewer, Blogger, Writer & Podcaster Sean the Bookonaut

I’ve always been fascinated as to how writers build their author platforms, and which platform, if any, brings in the most traffic and whether or not more traffic equals meaningful connections with readers. Are reviews important? How should you approach a reviewer? If reviews are so influential, should you be doing your own? If you’re confused as to whether you should be trying normal blogging, review blogging, or podcasting to connect with your audience then this podcast is for you. Today I talk […]

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Point of View Can Suck My…

So apparently there are rules. Always have been, like wearing clothes in public and driving cars on the right side of the road (the left side, obviously) and not mooning the Queen. You probably use them because you’ve read so many books that they make sense. You probably break them because you’re lazy. As a reader, changing point of view drives me crazy! I’m in one character’s head and then all of a sudden I’m inside the petty thoughts of […]

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