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It’s Time To Live Life! How To Increase Your Productivity & Keep your Writing, Marketing & Life On Track.

Typically, my memory is atrocious. No really. A family member will ask me to help with some exceptionally mundane task and my memory seems to hit the snooze alarm, like I have a black hole in my head that stops me from linking into the real world. This quirk turned into a bit of a self-hate/productivity nightmare during my first two months of this year as a ‘full-time writer’. Well, I was going to be a full time writer for as long as my digital piggy bank kept turning those slowly dwindling numbers into money. Then I would have to reconsider my strategy, but until then I was going to give my writing the best chance it could get!

Or so I tried.

I would work all day on marketing and hate myself for not getting to my writing. Or spend all day writing and kick myself that I did nothing significant to move my ebook further into the conscious mind of teens everywhere. This was how it was for the first month and it did nothing but lower my morale. It was clear that I had to get my goals out of my head, on paper and chunked it into manageable tasks rather than to-do lists. Otherwise I was going to end up with a zero bank balance and an erratic pile of achievements that didn’t build on each other, they just dressed in spandex and looked impressive.

Tony Robbins calls it Chunking, I call it Bagging Idea Vomit. Everything is bigger in our head, filled with a million tasks, but once we start grouping it together it’s manageable.

Now watch the video below, or here onYouTube, about how I have managed to increase my productivity, and do more, in less time.

In this video I discuss:

  • How I’ve always been anal, in that I must finish a task before I move on to the next. The problem with this is you leave all your other tasks alone for weeks at a time to finish one thing, when most tasks need to be done consistently to have an impact. I had to reprogram my brain to let go so I could move all my important tasks forward together rather than sacrificing all the others for one.
  • Basically, thoughts become bigger and more insurmountable the longer they stay in your head. All of the sudden your thoughts become King Kong, raging through your brain and bruising the frontal lobe, giving you one hell of a head ache. Don’t let your tasks and goals run over each other like panicked lemmings, write them down. And I don’t mean create another list. To-do-lists still overwhelm, you need to get out of prose writing altogether, put all your major goals and tasks in a Mindmap. Have three or four main areas of focus off your ultimate goal. Then, off the main branches have bubbles stating the things you need to do to bring those focus areas into being.

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  • Now you have an exact idea of what you are focused on and what you need to achieve your goals. Now you need to block out the time. Pull out Excel and do a little keyboard dance, block out a maximum of 2 hours per task. Most of my tasks are in hour blocks. It’s better to do things like social media in half hour chunks more than once a week, for example I do Twitter, Facebook and Forums each twice a week.  Make sure you leave some spare hours in there in case you get tied up one day and need somewhere else to put the task. Life happens, don’t fight it!
  • Try to follow your plan! Don’t beat yourself up if you run over time, don’t try to make it up. You’re just increasing that stress and dropping your morale like a lopsided scale. Move the task to a spare hour or focus on it the next week. Even if you don’t cover everything, you will be covering more ground, creating more art, and moving all your elements forward at once, not paying rent (in stress-credits) for all the tasks you dumped in the storage shed.
  • It does work! I’m blogging more often for you guys right?

Do you find it hard to juggle Life, Writing and Marketing? Or do you have weekly goals? What ways do you try to balance the load? Please do share your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. JR Hager says:

    Just wonderful and so vivacous. Watching your video was an inspiration and pushed me to complete my writings. See ya, JR

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