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Building An Enhanced E-book

A huge thank you to Simon Groth who pulled together his If:Book essays on If:Book’s Choose Your Own Poetry Adventure event in 2012 for this guest post. The recent official launch for The City We Build, the amplified ebook made between if:book and the Queensland Poetry Festival, has highlighted some of the challenges faced by authors, publishers, and readers when designing digital books that take advantage of their capabilities. In the original project, three local poets wrote a series of pieces based around specific […]

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Is Your Book Not Selling As Well As You Hoped?

First of all, apologies for making this a short written post today. My body, in short, hates me and I’m in my 6th day of beating off a cold with a combination of drugs (legal – I’m my pharmacist’s best customer this week) and lemon & honey tea. My writing is still being done, but all other tasks have fallen to the wayside including the post I had originally intended for this week. Luckily I had a back-up plan thanks to the […]

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E-Book Revolution Podcast Ep 8 – Storytelling In The Digital Age With Kobo’s Mark Leslie Lefebvre

With print on demand, self-publishing and global writing opportunities it’s no wonder a new breed of writer is emerging. No longer are we restricted to traditional publishing, to shipping books from overseas, to just writing prose, or even to being in the same room as your fans at a signing. Even with ‘new’ pathways to publication you are no longer restricted, Amazon certainly isn’t the only big fish in town. In particular I am thinking of Kobo, a fantastic company […]

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