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Is Your Book Not Selling As Well As You Hoped?

First of all, apologies for making this a short written post today. My body, in short, hates me and I’m in my 6th day of beating off a cold with a combination of drugs (legal – I’m my pharmacist’s best customer this week) and lemon & honey tea. My writing is still being done, but all other tasks have fallen to the wayside including the post I had originally intended for this week. Luckily I had a back-up plan thanks to the lovely Georgina Hannan!

I’ve had a lot of emails this year from authors telling me their book isn’t selling as well as they’d hoped. They’ve followed all the conventional advice and they’re just not sure what else they can do to boost the publicity machine. So, if your book isn’t selling as many copies as you thought it would, then perhaps this consult between fledgling author, Georgina Hannan, and myself will give you some extra tools to add to your marketing plan.

In this short call we talk about optimising her blog and back of book blurb, finding reviewers for her book (and why she needs to get over her fear of sending Cursed to reviewers), and how to automate twitter to bring in more traffic for her website. The video demonstration for the consult kicks in at the 3-4 minute mark, and for a full break down of suggested steps see around the 40min mark of the consult.

A huge thank you to Georgie, who gave permission for her consulting call to be posted for promotion purposes.

This call should give you a great starting point, however, if you feel you need a marketing plan that is more specialised to your novel and personality, then I still have consulting spots available for this year, please feel free to email me at ebookrevolution (at) yahoo (dot) com. I love chatting to authors and brain-storming! Don’t worry, if you would like your own consult I will never post your call online without your expressed permission. Promise!

Hope you get some awesome actionable tips from the video that help you restart your books momentum.

Stay well!! (Truly, it’s better then converting the water content of your body into slime…)

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  1. Enjoyed this tip-filled, educational, interview. There is so much to learn! Thank you for making it available. My novel “Out of Mercy” was released March 16th so you gave me lots of critical information.

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