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E-book Revolution Podcast Ep11 – Contracts & Agents For Traditional & Self-Published Authors

When you are trading in ideas, creativity and intellectual property, the legal waters can get murky, as many writers have had the misfortune to find out. Whether you are traditionally published, accepting the terms and conditions of self-publishing platforms like Amazon, Kobo or iBooks, or a self-published author about to sign your first traditional publishing deal, you need to have some understanding of what a fair contract looks like and what rights you should (or shouldn’t) be giving away. For […]

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Self-Publishing & Speculative Fiction

I was re-reading a post I wrote at the end of last year for ACT Write magazine (The publication from ACT Writers Centre in Canberra, Australia) and thought there were several points there that I hadn’t yet addressed in this blog. What are your thoughts on why YA speculative fiction indie authors are doing so well? It’s not a coincidence that some of today’s best known self-published authors are speculative fiction authors. Many put it down to spec fiction writers […]

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E-book Revolution Podcast Ep9 – Digital First ‘Traditional’ Publishing With Jeffe Kennedy

Most aspiring authors today are quick to note that the traditional publishing gates are closed to them and that digital is the way of the future. For many authors it has boiled down to self-publishing being the only potential path they are aware of to get their work published. And though the old prejudices against self-publishing are slowly fading (not without a whole lot of bar fighting and knifing of authors with one star reviews) the stigma is still there […]

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