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Cast Your Pod To The Wind

For those of you new to the blog, I’m not only a writer but the Digital Producer for if:book Australia (the institute for the future of the book). At if:book we (Simon Groth, if:book manager and myself) have been putting together a fortnightly podcast on the future of the book discussing projects, cool stuff we found on the internet and start-ups. It’s a quick (30mins) light-hearted podcast that is worth a listen to (if I do say so myself!). You […]

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Part 1: POD & Lightning Source & Covers

Every good journey starts with a to-do list. The major sites you must see in Spain, the ten most disgusting things you need to dare you spouse to eat in Asia, the bucket list you’re going to kick into action once you make friends with that rich guy on TV. Though the list below is a little more average, it’s just as important to make. With it, you can get your POD pushed through with minimum effort; without it, the […]

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E-book Revolution Podcast Ep13 – Long Form Journalism E-Publishing With Charlotte Harper

Thousands of commuters every day are looking to fill in the boredom during their public transit, I know I am! They need short, snappy pieces that can be consumed in a day on the ride to and from work. It is this need, and the decline of in depth features in newspapers and magazines, that has seen the rise over the past twelve months in long form journalism, non-fiction pieces between 10,000 and 35,000 words that according to Mark Leslie […]

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Damn it! Who Knew Print Books Were Still Important?

Last month I had a bit of an epiphany that in hindsight should have slapped me on the head a year ago. People like print books, even though the topic is about something completely digital. A lot of you may be saying ‘duh – exactly how long has it been since you picked up a real book – not the square plastic kind?’ But I’m hoping that you e-book authors out there kind of get where I’m coming from. I […]

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