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iBooks Alternatives: Transform Your eBook Reading Experience

By Claire Johnson Guest Post Note: I have been known to poo-poo Apple. Sorry, (well… not really…) but I’ve always been a PC person. Android phone and tablets give me everything I need without making my head explode from frustration. I had an iPod once, but it just didn’t play nice with the other tech kids in the sandpit. But after sitting in on a couple of sessions at the State Library of QLD on iPads for educators, I realised […]

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Less Emphasis On The Publish & More On The Good Writing

The danger with self-publishing is getting caught up in the hype. So Much Information! So Much Preparation! So Much Marketing Needed! MUST GET IT PUBLISHED!!!! Self-publishing is a blanket that covers a myriad of hidden trap doors, sand pits of quicksand that suck time and aggressive publishing services telling you they’re the golden ticket to the bestsellers. In among it all, people lose their drive to write, because the making and the marketing just takes over. We not only forget […]

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