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Debunking Plot Myths

There are so many writing rules and myths bandied about that it is hard to figure out what is someone ranting, and what is good advice. What is needed to write a novel and what is padding. In today’s guest post author, Jordan Rosenfeld, shatters some of the myths around creating a good plot. Plot: literary writers often love to hate it, and genre writers live by its guidelines.  If you’re a pantser (as in fly-by-the-seat-of) you resist what you […]

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Group Promotions – Attempt One

I’ll try anything twice. Once to thoroughly mess it up, and then a second time to give myself a chance to learn from my previous botched attempt (hopefully) before I assess how effective something is, whether that be a story, a way to connect with readers, or a way to market my books. As of last week I tried my first group promotion, banding together with 6 other authors who have a bit of romance in their books, for a […]

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The Most Important Thing A Writer Must Do To Succeed

Getting started in the self-publishing game isn’t as easy as some make it out to be. If you don’t like writing, a LOT, then the climb to an appreciable number of sales is long. But how do you start producing more work, faster? Today’s guest post (The first for the year! If you’re keen to write one go here) is from the amusing Dylan White, an author who I’ve know for several years and who has finally started to gain […]

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E-Book Revolution Podcast Episode 15: How To Prepare For A Radio Or TV Author Interview With Bill Thompson

Welcome to the first podcast for 2014! If the thought of public speaking makes you feel like you’ve swallowed a litre of tequila, then I’m assuming the thought of approaching radio or TV shows to promote your book is the most horrifying thing you could think of short of chopping off your ears and sewing them to a mouse. No one wants to sound the fool, and when you’re not in charge of the questions being asked that can be […]

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