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Balancing Fact & Fiction – Helen Carey’s Top Tips For Historical Novelists


One of the hardest lines to walk as an author is the fact/fiction line. How much detail has to be ‘real’? When is it ok to throw the research to the winds? At what point is the research you’re doing, too much? I know I’ve gotten caught in the ‘research’ cycle before, where I couldn’t move forward because I had to find out some tiny detail, like the number of neon signs in Times Square.  Today’s guest post is from […]

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Making Friends With The Locals – Building A Relationship With Your Local Librarian/Bookseller & Hosting Author Events

 Welcome to the final post for the E-book Revolution website relaunch! You may be the best book marketer in the world, but in the end marketing all boils down to the one thing – getting people to hear about your book via word of mouth. Because let’s face it, we were taught not to trust strangers when we were little, that’s not going to change when we are adults. Readers are more likely to take the recommendation of someone they […]

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The E-book Revolution – What It Means To Authors & Sales

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Today’s guest poster is the fiercely intelligent Hugh McGuire, who has been involved in the creation of tools and software aiding the E-book Revolution since 2009. It’s all well and good to look at the numbers of Hugh Howey’s data scrape, or the predictions of traditional publishing sales data analysts, but if you don’t look at them in the context of where the digital and ebook publishing phenomena has come from, and how it has evolved, you cannot make informed decisions […]

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How To Create Your Own Anthology (Or Small Press!)

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Recently I’ve been finding that my lack of published ‘short fiction’ has been holding back various grant applications and offers to teach fiction workshops. Which is why I’ve been looking at anthologies, in particular anthologies with other independent authors. Anthologies are a great way not only to get your work out there (without slaving for months in creation), of gaining credibility and publishing ‘credits’ and of tapping into the networks of your fellow collaborators, who collectively might be able to […]

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5 Mind Blowing Facts About Book Trailers – And How To Do Your Own

I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one out there who thinks scrolling script, stock images, or god forbid, a PowerPoint presentation that zooms in on those images, is not a book trailer. Not even close. If I wanted to be bored for 2 minutes I could watch the political debates. Or grass grow, or paint my toenails. No, a trailer is meant to entertain, excite and intrigue. Frankly when I think trailer, I think dynamic movie trailers with minimal […]

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E-book Revolution Podcast Ep 16: iBooks Alternatives – How To Make A Book App With Authorly

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Welcome to the podcast episode for the relaunch! UPDATE: The giveaway is now over, thanks to everyone for participating! Today’s Giveaway is an all star e-book bundle for independent authors! This e-book bundle consists of 8 of the best books on the internet to help independent authors in their journey. Thank you to those authors who donated a copy to this giveaway! To find out more about each book just click on the links. The e-books included in this prize are: My […]

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Author Branding – Being Judged by Your Cover

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It is a common trend these days for authors to focus on marketing their books rather than marketing themselves. It’s odd to think of yourself as being a product to market (should I get a barcode tattooed to my neck?), a thing that people can latch onto and connect with, but branding yourself as an author is key to your success. I’ll admit, when I first started this blog I had very poor branding, you could in fact say I […]

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How To Get Your Print Books Into Your Local Book Store In 7 Steps

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Welcome to the E-book Revolution Relaunch, seven days of giveaways and posts for writers and independent publishers. [Update: The Relaunch occurred from the 4th-10th April 2014] You’ll notice that I’m no longer using the term ‘self-publishing’. It is a term that has been misappropriated by the industry and indicates books of low quality. That is not what we do, and not what I’m about. So this week is also about taking ownership of the title ‘independent publisher’ and being proud of what […]

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3 Year Anniversary, Relaunch and 7 Day Giveaway!

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Get ready for a week chock full of information, prizes and unicorn wrestling fun! Three years ago, almost to the day, on the 10th of April I made the smartest decision I’ve ever made. And before you ask, no I did not decide to forgo a unicorn wrestling match (I know that was definitely your first thought). No, I decided to stop playing Gladiator with the publishing gate keepers and start seeing what I could do for myself. Enough of […]

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