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Help Me Choose The Title For My Latest Novel

On Wednesday I talked about rewriting the blurb for my first Facebook comedy novel, ‘The Grand Adventures of Madeline Cain’. Now I need your valuable opinions on the second book in the series.

I plan to bring book two out in the next two months, so keep an eye out for giveaways and prizes in the lead up to the launch as well as polls on the cover design of both this book and the redesign of book one.

Which of the blurbs below do you like best? Which would make you want to grab a copy of the book? Drop in your vote to the poll below! If you could let me know why you like a particular one better in the comments too, I would be truly grateful.

The book is aimed at a YA/New Adult audience.



Madeline Cain has finally got things figured out! She’s landed herself a new boyfriend in Kevin, her photograph is the headliner for a swanky Charity Ball, and she’s navigating New York City life like a pro. Her final six months in the big city should see her well on the way to a stunning career, a great relationship and make her the envy of all her Facebook buddies, right? Right??

Not quite.

On her big night at the Ball she meets the ‘royalty’ of the photographic world, who reveal her year in New York will come to nothing if she doesn’t build a portfolio of photography for the specialisation she’s most passionate about. Problem is, she’s about as sure of her photographic passion as a hiker is of outrunning a bear, and that could mean the end of her career before she’s begun.

Thus begins Madeline’s experimentation frenzy which includes portraits with certifiably insane children, photos of lip synching rockers, in action shots of New York City’s only dog whisperer, and a Halloween spent dodging Zombies. Will Madeline be able to discover her passion before her best chance at a stellar career slips away forever?



Madeline Cain is certain after half a year of chaos, that her final six months in New York City will be smooth sailing, full of dates with her new squeeze Kevin, and grand adventures that will make her Facebook friends purple with envy. That is until a group of industry professionals, Madeline’s idols, drop a bombshell; her photographic ‘dabbling’ wasn’t going to cut it, the only way she’s going to have the career she wants is to pick a specialisation before her year at Jason’s school is up.

Problem is, she’s about as sure of her photographic passion as a hiker is of outrunning a bear. Thus begins Madeline’s quest for her one true photographic passion, a journey littered with haphazard experiments including portraits of certifiably insane children, concert photos of lip synching rockers, in action shots of a dog whisperer, and a Halloween spent dodging Zombies. Choosing a career isn’t going so well… But when the universe helps Madeline secure a ‘life-debt’ by saving a potential mobster from a gun-weilding cross-dresser, she finds herself presented with an amazing opportunity to intern at a fashion photography studio.

Will Madeline dance with the mob to achieve her dream of becoming a Pro? Or will her New York escapades come back to bite her squarely in the bum?

Written as though you are reading Madeline’s Facebook page, ‘Madeline Cain: Fashion Adventures’, covers Madeline’s final six months in New York City and will leave you in giggling like clown on crazy pills.


Which blurb for Madeline Cain Book #2 do you prefer?

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Please also drop a comment at the bottom about why you liked one over the other!


Now that you know a little bit about the second book, I would love to get a feel for which title you think works best for the second book. Please vote below:


Which Title Grabs Your Attention More For Book #2?

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Thanks so much for your help! For those of you who have read ‘The Grand Adventures of Madeline Cain’ and enjoyed it, there is still time to drop a review online and go into the draw to have a character named after you in second book in the series. But be quick, the launch is super soon!

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  1. Debbie McDonald says:

    Make an Option 3 by
    Paragraph 1 from option 2
    paragraph 3 from option 1
    paragraph 3 from option 2 from “Choosing a career … squarely in the bum.”

    Just a thought

  2. I like Option 1 as the second seems to give so much away it almost negates the book. I say seems to rather than does however I like the idea of an Option 3 which trims it but doesn’t lose the essence.

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