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Project Reveal – Story City: A Story Telling App

After three months of secret squirrel business, I’m finally ready to reveal this secret project I’ve been working on.

Who hasn’t read a story where they wished they could actually be inside it? See the landscape for yourself, smell the roses, or see exactly how tall that building was that Spiderman just scaled. It’s not that we don’t trust the author, it’s just we want to BE there, not just read about it.

Just how could you do it? How could you take a story by an author you love, and actually live it? I’ve been obsessing over the idea for a while. I didn’t just want to move from place to place following the story of another character. I wanted to call the shots. I wanted to choose my own adventure!

So in May this year I made a pitch for the Brisbane City Council Innovation award, a $25,000 grant to develop an innovative idea. The project I pitched was one called Story City, a GPS storytelling App which we would use to create real life Choose Your Own Adventures, stories that happen in the location the reader is standing. This type of storytelling is called locative literature, merging real life with fantasy in a kind of alternate reality.

The project aims to fire the imagination and bring not only Brisbane city, but other cities across Australia and the world, to life. I want to renew the urban landscape for locals and tourists, help them see the ‘every day’ with new eyes and engage with the community and world around them rather than walk passively by it.

I was very humbled to find myself the winner of that grant. This is the first glimpse of the Story City app and what it can do, and an invitation for all those who want to experiment to get in touch!

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