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Sometimes you need a little one on one help to get ahead.

CONSULTING with Emily CravenOver the past two years I’ve tried and tested so many theories and helped hundreds of people in my workshops find their feet in the digital landscape. When I first started out I made a lot of mistakes, and spent a lot of money, but you don’t have to! I’m still learning, but I definitely have knowledge to help you save time and money.

I’m available for consultations with authors and publishers on e-books, blogging, author platforms and transmedia. Generally a one hour consulting session is all that is needed to help set you on the right track. In that sixty minute session I can help you set up the right plan and tools for you and your personality.Emcraven

The sessions are very involved and targeted specifically to your situation; due to the large amount of information conveyed I make sure I video record every session for you to refer to later. Unlike coaching, you should not need multiple sessions, many of my clients go away with enough to work on for the next 5-6 months after just an hour consult.

Emily Craven’s training and coaching sessions are jam packed and full of value. Emily is clearly a gifted writer and practical in the digital application and marketing of her craft. She is generous with her knowledge and after my coaching session with Emily, I had a clear plan of action for setting up my blog and developing my e-books. Her training style is engaging and her feedback honest and encouraging. You leave her courses and coaching running to your computer to start implementing the knowledge straight away. I would strongly recommend Emily to anyone who wants to blog or write ebooks.

~ Viviane Waters

To give you an idea of the topics covered and information given during a session, here is a consult I did with author Georgina Hannan, author of the Cursed series, on optimising her blog and back of book blurb. Ours will be a private session of course, but this should give you a good idea of whether or not consulting is worth it for you.

How Do The Sessions Work?

money-back-stickerThe consultations are done via Skype and are recorded so you can listen and take action later. Payment is requested up front however, I do offer a 100% money-back guarantee if you don’t feel you have received excellent information and value for money from this session. I love helping other authors figure out the multitude of possibilities and I want you to be happy with the service you receive.

If you have any questions about this service and would like to book a session, please contact Emily for more information at:

emily (at) ebookrevolution (dot) com (dot) au