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E-book Revolution Is Open To Guest Posts.GUEST POST ICON

In 2014 I opened the E-book Revolution for the very first time to guest posts and sponsored posts by other writers, industry players and future thinkers. This will be continuing in 2015.

If you feel you have a post that fits this site, whether it be about writing or publishing, digital experiments or teaching people how to do something themselves drop me a line with a short pitch and your bio at: ebookrevolution (at) yahoo (dot) com.

Posts for the E-book Revolution website tend to include a do it yourself aspect, in that each post needs to be able to give the reader some piece(s) of information that they can take away and try at home that day. Each post is generally 800 words or longer and at the end of each post I include a blurb about yourself including links to your website, books and social media. The pieces are then promoted on social media over a two week period.

To get a feel for previous guest posts on this site, check out the ones below:

If you are interested in a guest post, drop me a line with a short pitch and your bio at: emily (at) ebookrevolution (dot) com (dot) au.