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Creating An Email List For Writers – Mini-Course

If you want to make writing your career, then you need a way to connect with loyal readers without throwing money away with each new release.

SUPERWRITER ICON B_2This course helps you unlock the secrets to getting return readers.

Imagine being able to move so many copies of your book in one day, one week, one month that you make it to the best seller lists on Amazon and stay there…

The current mindset in our industry is that you sell a copy of your book and let the buyer go, hoping that when you release the next one they will find their way back to you using some sort of sixth sense to discover your new work.

But readers go through so many books and so many authors that you become forgettable. You spend all that time and money marketing your book only to have to do it again when the next one is released.

What a waste of money! Independent authors just can’t afford to sink that much cash. Which is where this mini-course comes in.

Imagine being able to stay in touch with your readers and have them  flocking to your next book.

Imagine being able to build a community around your work, keeping your books in the forefront of readers minds so that when you need them to rally around you, they’re there to provide those much needed first reviews .

You can do all this and more by building your own email list of readers.

Having an email list is non-negotiable if you want to make it as a successful author today (Both self-published and traditionally published authors).


What’s In The Creating An Email List For Writers Mini-Course?NEWSLETTER ICON 2

The Creating An Email List For Writers mini-course includes over 80 minutes of video, examples, templates and idea generation worksheets to help you simply and easily set up your own email list.

Inside this mini-course you’ll discover:

  • Why it is so important to set up your own mailing list and drive readers to it
  • How to set up your own autoresponder – this how you are able to send personalised emails to hundreds of people by only writing one email!
  • Learn how to create a form for your website that captures your readers name and email address
  • Discover how to convince readers to sign up for your email list
  • Learn how to embed your email capture form onto your website or blog
  • Why you should have a hyperlinked page in the back of your ebook leading readers to your email sign up
  • Uncover the best words to use in you back of book blurb convincing readers to sign up
  • Learn how to create automatic ‘follow up’ emails, so you can give the personal touch without losing your writing time
  • How to check your ‘open’ statistics and use those to refine your strategies
  • Discover which headlines entice readers to open your emails
  • Learn how to use giveaways to your advantage
  • Discover the best (and most polite) way to ask a reader for their review.
  • And so much more!

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Who Is Emily?Emily Craven

I am an author of fiction and non-fiction and not too long ago I was just like you. I thought I didn’t need an audience or an email list to move my books, that was what reviews were for, that was what giveaways were for, that was what social media was for, right?


I may have built a following for my non-fiction stuff, but that did not mean that my blog audience was interested in my fiction. I needed a new strategy!

Out of every method I tried this was the most successful.

I also found that it is never too late to start a mailing list, especially if you want to make this your ‘day job’.


How Does The Course Work?

VideoThis course is a self-study course with videos, PDF examples and templates that you can work through at your own pace. The videos are instructional demonstrations from Emily on how to use autoresponder’s and how to pull together all the elements you need to make them work.

Once your payment is processed (you can pay via PayPal or with credit card) you will be emailed  a receipt, a password and instructions on how to get to the download page which is behind a password protected page. From there you can download the videos and documents to your computer. Please make sure you have a strong internet connection as you will only be allow to attempt download twice.


Click the Purchase Now button below to buy the Creating An Email List For Writers Mini-Course for $37 AUD:

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 (Payment is through PayPal via credit card or PayPal account)

sealI do offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee

I am so confident that you’ll love the mini-course once you get it that I’m going to take all the risk out of this transaction for you. If you order the series today you’re covered by my 100% Risk Free – No Questions Asked 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

You have nothing to lose, and absolutely everything to gain.

Obviously that guarantee is beyond fair. For the same price as a movie, you will to be able to access information that is going to totally revolutionise your writing success.

Click the Purchase Now button below to buy the Creating An Email List For Writers Mini-Course for $37 AUD:

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(Payment is through PayPal via credit card or PayPal account)