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Jake’s Page – A Short Story & Play

jakes-page-cover-smlJake’s Page is a comic yet heart-breaking tale of a young type 1 diabetic, and his Facebook Page, told through status updates, Facebook notes, and Facebook personal messages. This e-book presents the tale as both a short story, and a play.

Perfect for Drama & English teachers to explore the impact of social media on young teenagers. ~Leanne, Teacher Aid, Australia.

Jake Black is almost your average teen, fresh from the high-school farm he jumps at the chance to move from Hobart to Adelaide, with the vague plan of taking engineering at the University. Like many people of his generation who travel from home, he turns to Facebook as a medium to pass on news and keep in touch with family and friends. If only his mother wouldn’t call him every day to check on his diabetes. Or use his sister’s account to spy on his activities. Perhaps this is why his parents were so eager for him to attend one of the city’s residential colleges, where he is surrounded by 200 students who can keep watch.

However college is more adventurous than Jake’s parents bargained for. From his first ‘ponding’ in the courtyard fountain to forced o-week activities such as Goon of Fortune, and being dropped 30km from the city wearing nothing but a g-string and body paint, Jake plunges into college life with the enthusiasm of one finally release from the parental blanket.

Ignoring the inevitable medical impacts of his new life style Jake struggles managing his mother and his new freedom with mixed results on the public Facebook platform.

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