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The Grand Adventures Of Madeline Cain: Photographer Extraordinaire

m-cain-cover-sml Love Facebook? Love Comedy?

Then you should meet Madeline Cain…

Madeline Cain Photographer Extraordinaire: Put this on your status if you know someone (or are related to someone) who has been eaten by dragons. Dragons are nearly unstoppable and in case you didn’t know, they can breathe fire. 93% of people won’t copy and paste this, because they have already been eaten by dragons. The other 7% are sitting in the shower armed with fire extinguishers. Posted 15 hours ago [Comment . Like]

Madeline has achieved her dream, acceptance into world famous photographer, Jason I’Anson’s, exclusive college in New York. Like many people of her generation who travel overseas, she turns to Facebook as a medium to pass on news and keep in touch with her family and friends. But her move from the sleepy Australian town of Adelaide to New York City doesn’t exactly turn out as she expected. From her first meeting with her chain smoking, club crazy house mate and his superhero Mexican Chameleon, Duncan (who can move from one side of the room to the other in a blink of eye), she knew she was in for an interesting time. Add an umbrella rigged by her brother to yell abuse at surrounding pedestrians when it rains, pizza deliveries to porn sets and being pulled in by the FBI for questioning after an explorative stint into spy photography, and things move from the interesting to the ridiculous.

Egged on by her Australian Facebook friends, Kathy the hypochondriac and Tim, who has a strange sexual affinity for electrical appliances, Madeline tries to find her feet in the big city. But this may be harder for her to achieve than first thought, after she accidentally blackmails a famous model cheating on her boyfriend.

In a world of status updates, blogs and photographic file sharing, where everyone who adds you can follow your every move, how the hell is Madeline supposed to get out of the hole she found herself in?

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With this e-book, the story doesn’t stay on the page. Taking advantage of the age of social media, readers can now interact with the main characters from Madeline Cain on Facebook. Each character has their own page where readers will find the characters interacting and posting additional pictures, videos and more.


The Grand Adventures Of Madeline Cain: Photographer Extraordinaire is rated at 4 1/2 Stars on Amazon.

‘A healthy dose of Kathy Lette, a dash of Bridget Jones, a smidgeon of Crocodile Dundee and a hefty dollop of Sex In The City, and you have a breezy, entertaining read that will have you wondering why your life is so comparatively uneventful.’ ~Reviewer, Jamie Simpson, Bestchicklit.com. 

‘The Grand Adventures of Madeleine Cain: Photographer Extraordinaire is a funny, lighthearted story of a twenty something Aussie making her way in the Big Apple. Well written and entertaining it is a unique contemporary read and I hope to be privy to Madeleine’s next adventures.’ ~Shelleyrae, Amazon Top 500 reviewer.

‘Emily Craven’s latest novel, The Grand Adventures of Madeline Cain, is the perfect read for those beginning to navigate the world of travel, work and independence, and for whom living large on social media is second nature.’ ~Amazon Reviewer.

‘A delight. This is truly a fun read.’ ~David. E. Cowen, Amazon Review.

‘I LOVED this book. I laughed and smiled the whole way through, rolling my eyes at the outrageous situations Madeline finds herself in.’ ~Amazon review, Craneclaire.