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Freshly Minted Circuits

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Today’s guest post is from the wonderful Christine McPaul whom I met at the Hardcopy seminars in Canberra several months ago. I asked her to give a snap shot of how she sees reading and the consumption of text in the digital age, something that indie authors can take advantage of. If we provide the rabbit holes for people to dive into we can help deepen our connection with our readers, using their reading habits to our advantage.   ‘The stable hierarchies of […]

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The Benefits of Box Sets & Collaboration

There is an idea I have been toying with for a while, one I’ve seen many successful indie authors at the top of their game try and pull off successfully. I am of course talking about joining forces with other authors to create ‘Box Sets’, something unthinkable in traditional publishing. As with many independent author innovations, a box set is very simple in set up and execution. You approach authors who you feel are of a similar calibre and thematic […]

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Project Reveal – Story City: A Story Telling App

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After three months of secret squirrel business, I’m finally ready to reveal this secret project I’ve been working on. Who hasn’t read a story where they wished they could actually be inside it? See the landscape for yourself, smell the roses, or see exactly how tall that building was that Spiderman just scaled. It’s not that we don’t trust the author, it’s just we want to BE there, not just read about it. Just how could you do it? How […]

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The Grand Vlogging Experiment

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Some of you may have recently noticed my blogging schedule has gone a bit off the rails. When I say a bit, I mean it’s kamakazied off a bridge and exploded. The reason for this is a basic one, if I spend 2-4 hours of time creating a blog post, my writing is done for the day, I have no creative writing juice left. So you can imagine that the past six weeks MIA has been because I’ve focused solely […]

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How To Create Your Own Anthology (Or Small Press!)

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Recently I’ve been finding that my lack of published ‘short fiction’ has been holding back various grant applications and offers to teach fiction workshops. Which is why I’ve been looking at anthologies, in particular anthologies with other independent authors. Anthologies are a great way not only to get your work out there (without slaving for months in creation), of gaining credibility and publishing ‘credits’ and of tapping into the networks of your fellow collaborators, who collectively might be able to […]

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5 Mind Blowing Facts About Book Trailers – And How To Do Your Own

I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one out there who thinks scrolling script, stock images, or god forbid, a PowerPoint presentation that zooms in on those images, is not a book trailer. Not even close. If I wanted to be bored for 2 minutes I could watch the political debates. Or grass grow, or paint my toenails. No, a trailer is meant to entertain, excite and intrigue. Frankly when I think trailer, I think dynamic movie trailers with minimal […]

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E-book Revolution Podcast Ep 16: iBooks Alternatives – How To Make A Book App With Authorly

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Welcome to the podcast episode for the relaunch! UPDATE: The giveaway is now over, thanks to everyone for participating! Today’s Giveaway is an all star e-book bundle for independent authors! This e-book bundle consists of 8 of the best books on the internet to help independent authors in their journey. Thank you to those authors who donated a copy to this giveaway! To find out more about each book just click on the links. The e-books included in this prize are: My […]

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Cast Your Pod To The Wind

For those of you new to the blog, I’m not only a writer but the Digital Producer for if:book Australia (the institute for the future of the book). At if:book we (Simon Groth, if:book manager and myself) have been putting together a fortnightly podcast on the future of the book discussing projects, cool stuff we found on the internet and start-ups. It’s a quick (30mins) light-hearted podcast that is worth a listen to (if I do say so myself!). You […]

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E-book Revolution Podcast Ep13 – Long Form Journalism E-Publishing With Charlotte Harper

Thousands of commuters every day are looking to fill in the boredom during their public transit, I know I am! They need short, snappy pieces that can be consumed in a day on the ride to and from work. It is this need, and the decline of in depth features in newspapers and magazines, that has seen the rise over the past twelve months in long form journalism, non-fiction pieces between 10,000 and 35,000 words that according to Mark Leslie […]

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E-Book Revolution Episode 12- Creating Audio Books With Bruce Coville

My parents tell me that when I was a little girl, I use to insist that the same book be read to me ten times in a row. Frankly, I can’t remember anything that happened before high school, so I’m not sure whether or not it’s an exaggeration. But it does make me wonder if some unconscious memory of these readings has contributed to my recent discovery and love of audio books and podcasts. Hearing stories of the followings authors […]

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