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How Poetry Can Strengthen Your Writing Craft

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I love hearing new methods for improving the order and shape of sentences. It’s hard as you’re writing and editing to feel like you’re creating something that is new and unique and worthy of reading. Writer and editor, Amy Cowen, offers some practical types for getting the special rhythm and bright imagery of poetry into your prose and blog writing. Take it away Amy!   Professional novelists know the importance of reading everything that comes their way. They know that different […]

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Balancing Fact & Fiction – Helen Carey’s Top Tips For Historical Novelists


One of the hardest lines to walk as an author is the fact/fiction line. How much detail has to be ‘real’? When is it ok to throw the research to the winds? At what point is the research you’re doing, too much? I know I’ve gotten caught in the ‘research’ cycle before, where I couldn’t move forward because I had to find out some tiny detail, like the number of neon signs in Times Square.  Today’s guest post is from […]

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Debunking Plot Myths

There are so many writing rules and myths bandied about that it is hard to figure out what is someone ranting, and what is good advice. What is needed to write a novel and what is padding. In today’s guest post author, Jordan Rosenfeld, shatters some of the myths around creating a good plot. Plot: literary writers often love to hate it, and genre writers live by its guidelines.  If you’re a pantser (as in fly-by-the-seat-of) you resist what you […]

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2014 The Year of Marvellous Writing – January Round Up

I mentioned  in a blog post at the end of last year that I would be refining the posts in this blog, not only focusing on e-book publishing and marketing, but also on what makes a great book, what you need to make sure your writing is the best it can be before releasing it on the unsuspecting public. We all get so caught up in the technicalities and multiple avenues of publishing and marketing that we forget what makes a writing career is […]

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Less Emphasis On The Publish & More On The Good Writing

The danger with self-publishing is getting caught up in the hype. So Much Information! So Much Preparation! So Much Marketing Needed! MUST GET IT PUBLISHED!!!! Self-publishing is a blanket that covers a myriad of hidden trap doors, sand pits of quicksand that suck time and aggressive publishing services telling you they’re the golden ticket to the bestsellers. In among it all, people lose their drive to write, because the making and the marketing just takes over. We not only forget […]

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Point of View Can Suck My…

So apparently there are rules. Always have been, like wearing clothes in public and driving cars on the right side of the road (the left side, obviously) and not mooning the Queen. You probably use them because you’ve read so many books that they make sense. You probably break them because you’re lazy. As a reader, changing point of view drives me crazy! I’m in one character’s head and then all of a sudden I’m inside the petty thoughts of […]

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There, Their or They’re?

So you are done. You’re over the moon, you’re doing back flips off the wall, cartwheels through the living room, and you’re bouncing about like you’ve had ten cups of coffee and one giant wake up pill. The manuscript is done, the characters have had their last dance, ninja kicked their last bad guy, breathed their last breath and you can relax. Right? I think you know the answer to that one. The number of people who have told me […]

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First Steps to Success: Preparation

So what are the steps to success when, having weighed the pros and cons, you decide to digitally self-publish your book? Have a drink? Granted big leaps of faith require a drink or two, but no. Brag on Facebook? Don’t count your chickens before they hatch. Start scheduling a string of very important black tie speaking gigs? Hardly, you are not the fricken Michelangelo of the written word just yet. Most important, please never, ever forget this, is to write […]

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