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Help Me Choose The Title For My Latest Novel

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On Wednesday I talked about rewriting the blurb for my first Facebook comedy novel, ‘The Grand Adventures of Madeline Cain’. Now I need your valuable opinions on the second book in the series. I plan to bring book two out in the next two months, so keep an eye out for giveaways and prizes in the lead up to the launch as well as polls on the cover design of both this book and the redesign of book one. Which […]

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HELP! On Rewriting Blurbs

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So I’ve recently been examining why my Facebook comedy novel ‘The Grand Adventures of Madeline Cain’ isn’t selling like a newly released Stephen King novel on speed. Apart from a) it not being a horror novel and b) King having an 25 years extra experience on me, I realised it’s been about twelve months since I revisited my book’s description and cover. When I looked back on them I wasn’t as enchanted as I was when I created them last […]

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The E-book Revolution – What It Means To Authors & Sales

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Today’s guest poster is the fiercely intelligent Hugh McGuire, who has been involved in the creation of tools and software aiding the E-book Revolution since 2009. It’s all well and good to look at the numbers of Hugh Howey’s data scrape, or the predictions of traditional publishing sales data analysts, but if you don’t look at them in the context of where the digital and ebook publishing phenomena has come from, and how it has evolved, you cannot make informed decisions […]

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Author Branding – Being Judged by Your Cover

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It is a common trend these days for authors to focus on marketing their books rather than marketing themselves. It’s odd to think of yourself as being a product to market (should I get a barcode tattooed to my neck?), a thing that people can latch onto and connect with, but branding yourself as an author is key to your success. I’ll admit, when I first started this blog I had very poor branding, you could in fact say I […]

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A Newbie’s Guide To Self-Publishing Poetry or How I Learnt to Love Going Nuclear

Making your first move into self-publishing can be intimidating. There is so much information out there it’s hard to know what the simplest path is. I’ve known Maureen for several years, she writes beautifully, and after many years of nagging, she has finally been lured by my gingerbread house of indie-author-dom. I was interested to see how producing poetry e-books differed from prose books. And it’s been a while since I was a newbie, I find that means I assume […]

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The Most Important Thing A Writer Must Do To Succeed

Getting started in the self-publishing game isn’t as easy as some make it out to be. If you don’t like writing, a LOT, then the climb to an appreciable number of sales is long. But how do you start producing more work, faster? Today’s guest post (The first for the year! If you’re keen to write one go here) is from the amusing Dylan White, an author who I’ve know for several years and who has finally started to gain […]

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How To Release Your Inner Creativity

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Make This The Year You Call Yourself A Writer At the start of every year I like to give myself a kick up the wazoo by reading an ‘inspirational book’. Something that gets my mind so motivated that it’s doing star jumps and one handed push-ups with a dinosaur on its back. Yes, there are dinosaurs living in my head (what, they’re not living in yours? Are you sure you’re a writer?), they make sure I keep to my word […]

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Happy New Year 2014! Time To Talk Goals

Nope, I’m not talking about footy goals, soccer goals, hockey goals, rugby goals or a quest to find the Holy Grail. I’m not talking about those wishy washy goals you make like I’m going to stop eating chocolate or I want to make a million dollars or I think I’m going to paint my house some shade of pink to piss off the neighbour next door. I’m talking about figuring out what is most important to you and doing it. […]

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E-book Revolution Podcast Ep11 – Contracts & Agents For Traditional & Self-Published Authors

When you are trading in ideas, creativity and intellectual property, the legal waters can get murky, as many writers have had the misfortune to find out. Whether you are traditionally published, accepting the terms and conditions of self-publishing platforms like Amazon, Kobo or iBooks, or a self-published author about to sign your first traditional publishing deal, you need to have some understanding of what a fair contract looks like and what rights you should (or shouldn’t) be giving away. For […]

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