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Project Reveal – Story City: A Story Telling App

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After three months of secret squirrel business, I’m finally ready to reveal this secret project I’ve been working on. Who hasn’t read a story where they wished they could actually be inside it? See the landscape for yourself, smell the roses, or see exactly how tall that building was that Spiderman just scaled. It’s not that we don’t trust the author, it’s just we want to BE there, not just read about it. Just how could you do it? How […]

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3 Ways Indie Authors Can Use Skype To Connect With Readers

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The best thing about being an indie author is that your book is available across the world! But unfortunately, until teleporters are invented and we voluntarily agree to being broken down into itty-bitty particles and reassembled on the otherside of the world, actually connecting with readers face-to-face is still a big hurdle. So in this video I’m going to cover three ways indie authors can use Skype to connect with readers. In this video I discuss digital book signings, Skype […]

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Lessons Learnt From Fiction Unboxed

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This is how successful indie authors do it y’all!   Welcome to the first video in my little vlogging experiment, where I break apart the Fiction Unboxed writing series presented in June by the guys from the Self-Publishing Podcast, Sean Platt, Johnny B. Truant and David Wright. This course, which I had the pleasure of taking part in live, shows writers the processes Sean, Johnny and David used to create over 1.5 million words last year. Just a disclaimer, I am […]

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The Grand Vlogging Experiment

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Some of you may have recently noticed my blogging schedule has gone a bit off the rails. When I say a bit, I mean it’s kamakazied off a bridge and exploded. The reason for this is a basic one, if I spend 2-4 hours of time creating a blog post, my writing is done for the day, I have no creative writing juice left. So you can imagine that the past six weeks MIA has been because I’ve focused solely […]

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The E-book Revolution – What It Means To Authors & Sales

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Today’s guest poster is the fiercely intelligent Hugh McGuire, who has been involved in the creation of tools and software aiding the E-book Revolution since 2009. It’s all well and good to look at the numbers of Hugh Howey’s data scrape, or the predictions of traditional publishing sales data analysts, but if you don’t look at them in the context of where the digital and ebook publishing phenomena has come from, and how it has evolved, you cannot make informed decisions […]

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5 Mind Blowing Facts About Book Trailers – And How To Do Your Own

I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one out there who thinks scrolling script, stock images, or god forbid, a PowerPoint presentation that zooms in on those images, is not a book trailer. Not even close. If I wanted to be bored for 2 minutes I could watch the political debates. Or grass grow, or paint my toenails. No, a trailer is meant to entertain, excite and intrigue. Frankly when I think trailer, I think dynamic movie trailers with minimal […]

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Part 2: How To Create Internal PDFs For Print On Demand

For the next couple of months I will be posting an 8 part series on how to produce and publish print copies of your book, also known as Print On Demand (POD). Hopefully this helps make your attempt easier and quicker than my own! For links to earlier parts of the series, see the bottom of this post.   Thank God for programmers, those super smart people who understand that I don’t want to fiddle with margins or spacing or […]

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How To Structure An Author Talk – You Can’t Preach From A Garret

The days of writing in a garret and passing on your words, never to look a reader in face, are done. Overdone. Well done. They may quite possibly be charred beyond recognition and masquerading as a black hole. Or charcoal. In fact if you’re a writer, and you get a stocking full of charcoal for Christmas, then they are your old writing garret days. Sorry. Because the fact of the matter is, if you want to make it as a […]

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How To Release Your Inner Creativity

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Make This The Year You Call Yourself A Writer At the start of every year I like to give myself a kick up the wazoo by reading an ‘inspirational book’. Something that gets my mind so motivated that it’s doing star jumps and one handed push-ups with a dinosaur on its back. Yes, there are dinosaurs living in my head (what, they’re not living in yours? Are you sure you’re a writer?), they make sure I keep to my word […]

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