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There’s a lot of information about writing and publishing on the internet that it can be hard to know where to begin.

This site along has over 100 + free articles and 15+ hours of audio interviews, as well as bonus downloads. This page guides you through the basics, and the top articles on Marketing that will get you where you need faster. Click on the links below to access the information that interests you most.


On Marketing

9733280377_8490eae378_oWhether you’re traditionally or self-published, authors have to do most of their own marketing.

This is the reality of the publishing industry, no matter which path you take to get your work out there and find a readership (there are literally hundreds of paths!). Luckily these days anyone can market on a global scale with a little effort and a bit of time.e-book-revolution-by-emily-craven

To get the essentials of how to market your books, check out E-book Revolution: The Ultimate Guide To E-book Success, available in hardcopy and e-book. In this book I go through everything you know to start publishing and marketing your book. Click here to read more or for buy links.

Also below are free articles, and audios to help inspire your book marketing. Just click on the links to find out more, and at the bottom see my multi-media courses available on marketing and the e-book revolution.


The Basics


Simple Marketing Tactics


Long-Term Marketing – Building A Platform


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