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The E-book Revolution Podcast was started by Emily in 2012 to showcase new ideas, author marketing tricks and easy to follow discussions on developing e-book technology. The podcasts consist of interviews with leaders in the field of digital, self and experimental publishing.

This podcast is for people interested in writing, publishing and marketing their books in this digital revolution. You can subscribe directly through my podcast feed here or you can subscribe on iTunes here.

Below is a list of podcast Episodes. Just click to listen or download:


#15: How To Prepare For A Radio Or TV Interview With Bill Thompson
#14: How To Make Your Own Book Trailer With Red 14 Films
#13: Long-Form Journalism Epublishing With Charlotte Harper
#12: Creating Audio Books With Bruce Coville
#11: Contracts & Agents For Traditional & Self-Published Authors With Alex Adsett
#9: Digital First Traditional Publishing with Jeffe Kennedy
#8: Storytelling In The Digital Age With Kobo’s Mark Leslie Lefebvre
#7: A Conversation with Reviewer, Blogger, Writer & Podcaster Sean the Bookonaut
#6: How To Become An Author-Entrepreneur With Joanna Penn
#5: Learning How To Crowdfund It! With Anna Maguire
#4: Crowd funding For Writers 101 with Alain Guillemain
#3: Creating Your Own E-book Store in Bkclb with Connor O’Brien
#2: Great E-Book Cover Design with Kit Foster
#1: Getting Your Hands Dirty With Transmedia and Print Books with Joel N Clark

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