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The Benefits of Box Sets & Collaboration

There is an idea I have been toying with for a while, one I’ve seen many successful indie authors at the top of their game try and pull off successfully. I am of course talking about joining forces with other authors to create ‘Box Sets’, something unthinkable in traditional publishing. As with many independent author innovations, a box set is very simple in set up and execution. You approach authors who you feel are of a similar calibre and thematic […]

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Put That Dog Down! You Want Raving fans, Not Rabid Ones!

Creating a community is similar to creating a hippie commune. You gather a bunch of like minded people together, give them a task to keep them occupied, ration the weed, and appoint yourself mayor to ‘supervise’. Hmmm, no that’s not quite right. Let’s try again. Creating a community is like being the dictator of a faceless reader army. You train them to eat, drink, read and crap exactly as their told and then whip them into such frenzy they rip […]

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