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3 Ways Indie Authors Can Use Skype To Connect With Readers

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The best thing about being an indie author is that your book is available across the world! But unfortunately, until teleporters are invented and we voluntarily agree to being broken down into itty-bitty particles and reassembled on the otherside of the world, actually connecting with readers face-to-face is still a big hurdle. So in this video I’m going to cover three ways indie authors can use Skype to connect with readers. In this video I discuss digital book signings, Skype […]

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Group Promotions – Attempt One

I’ll try anything twice. Once to thoroughly mess it up, and then a second time to give myself a chance to learn from my previous botched attempt (hopefully) before I assess how effective something is, whether that be a story, a way to connect with readers, or a way to market my books. As of last week I tried my first group promotion, banding together with 6 other authors who have a bit of romance in their books, for a […]

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